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With over 80 years of experience in international freight forwarding, our Bonn location is where we combine classic logistics services with innovative full-service concepts. Our knowledge of all requirements, our "expertise" when handling industry-specific products and our own transport network guarantee you secure transport and optimal efficiency for all logistics needs.


National and international freight forwarding

As a full-service logistics provider, we organise the national and international transport of bulk goods on land, by sea and by rail. The volume of transport we handle is up to a million tons per year.

CHEMPARK IntraLogistik

We operate in the CHEMPARK Leverkusen, 365 days a year, around the clock. Using special dump trucks, tautliners, wheel loaders and additional equipment, chemical production facilities based in CHEMPARK are supplied with the raw materials they need punctually and on demand. This goes hand-in-hand with the reliable removal of waste materials. Expedited transport routes mean we can respond even more rapidly to customer requirements, even unscheduled, thanks to the geographical location of our Leverkusen branch, right at the heart of CHEMPARK.

Storage + Service

Operating over a total area of around 23,000 m², we also other comprehensive added-value services as a partner for short-term interim storage or long-term storage: Handling/shipping of goods, quality inspections, picking/packaging, tyre storage/service und IT-supported administration of goods flows.

Portable building systems

Since the early 90s, our company has also offered a complete container and plant construction service. We are headquartered in Bonn, with three further depots in Bad Camberg, Boxberg/Eifel and Dinslaken. We specialise in modular building systems, including planning, transport and turnkey assembly. We now cover almost all areas in various sectors, from standard to specialist units.

CHEP Service Centre

Both at the Bonn and Biebesheim bei Darmstadt locations, we have provided CHEP pooling systems since 1995 and handle the entire service scope, including collection, delivery and maintenance of CHEP pallet and container systems.

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Inter-/nationale Spedition
Telefon +49 (0)228 98 98 00
Telefax +49 (0)228 67 95 57

CHEMPARK IntraLogistik
Telefon +49 (0)214 75 00 41 50
Telefax +49 (0)214 75 00 41 49

Lagerung + Service
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Telefax +49 (0)228 67 60 72

Container Raumsysteme
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CHEP Service-Center Bonn
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Telefax +49 (0)228 98 98 044