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From a transport company to a full-service logistics provider


Our company was founded in 1931 in Bonn by Rudolf Baumann. Operating as a haulage firm, the business centred on local transport of clay and lignite. Over time, however, Baumann was successfully able to penetrate the tipper truck and bulk goods transport markets and the company emerged as a reliable partner for numerous industrial enterprises during the reconstruction era. 1946 saw the family business renamed as Rudolf Baumann Spedition GmbH & Co. KG.
As the second generation, Werner Baumann spearheaded the continued company management. Thanks to him, the company also progressed along the path to international success. His wife, Leonore, backed his efforts, by devoting herself to family matters. From the mid-60s onwards, the freight forwarder also handled transportation to other European countries. The regional transport company became an international freight forwarder, with a steadily growing customer base. In 1983, the Bonn-based freight forwarder relocated to new and larger business premises including land in reserve (around 85,000 m²) in the Bonn-Buschdorf area, to free up space and accommodate further business fields.
In the early 90s, sons Helmut and Horst Baumann then led the third generation of the company. Since this time, the managing directors developed and expanded the company even further, from its humble road haulier origins. Werner Baumann passed away on 26.07.2011. In 2012, the traditional Bonn-based company was renamed Baumann Logistik GmbH & Co. KG to reflect its expanded business portfolio. Today, we remain a full-service logistics provider, operating a range of core businesses and with the ability to take economic fluctuations in our stride. Our key services include national and international transport of around 1 million tons of bulk goods each year; partner/service and logistics services within Chempark Leverkusen, leasing and handling portable building systems as well as container and plant construction, headquartered in Bonn and operating from modern storage facilities covering a total of around 23,000 m² with a comprehensive added-value services centring on logistics (storage of bulk goods and trade commodities, picking, shipping/quality control, IT-supported administration of goods flow). Depending on requirements, we can also offer these service features as an outsourcing solution from our in-house company facilities or directly at the customer location. Since 1995, Baumann has also been a provider of CHEP pooling systems. Both the Bonn and Biebesheim bei Darmstadt locations provide a one-stop service for the collection, delivery and maintenance of CHEP pallets and container systems.
In the meantime, our innovative familiar business, employing around 200 workers, remains ever-active.

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