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Green logistics is more than just an abstract concept

Logistics must be reliable and fair

Central values of innovation, independence and sustainability are basic elements which have underpinned 80 years of success for our family company - which is now being run by the third generation.
As a modern logistics company, we constantly strive to broaden horizons in our business fields and in the process, have redoubled our efforts to meet the individual requirements of our customers. Many years of cooperation have helped us consolidate this company philosophy of not just satisfying, but inspiring our customers. With that in mind, nothing is more important to us than reliability and fairness. Whether it involves national or international transport, in storage and service or container-plant construction - we want to remain true to our roots in day-to-day dealings with customers, partners and our employees as a reliable service provider and a fair employer.


We rely on our knowhow and instinct for what is feasible when we pursue new avenues. We leverage perseverance and entrepreneurial courage to catalyse developments and construct our business fields, to offer our customers the widest possible range of benefits, both now and in future.


The independent nature of the Baumann company and the entrepreneurial freedom we provide to shareholders is a key premise underlying our approach. Ever since our founding, the needs of the company and its employees have been met by the family partners. We want to preserve this independence in future.


We see sustainability as a central goal of our company management, both now and in future. Because the work we are doing today is also crucial to our future. Precisely why we ceaselessly toil, not only to keep our customers and employees happy but also to do so in an environmentally considerate manner.
As a national and international freight forwarder, focusing on tipper truck services, we bear considerable responsibility for the safety of people, goods and the environment - both on all types of transport and in all factories. That’s why we prioritise safety and environmental standards, are committed to "clean work" and include ecological perspectives in our business planning.
We invest abundant time and energy to ensure that our day-to-day business processes proceed in accordance with our company philosophy and our obligations to our surroundings and the environment.
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Inter-/nationale Spedition
Telefon +49 (0)228 98 98 00
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CHEMPARK IntraLogistik
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Lagerung + Service
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Container Raumsysteme
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